What we do

More leads. Higher enrollments. Less costs.

In an ideal world, the organizations offering the best online learning courses would have the highest enrollments. This, however, isn’t the case because the industry is just so competitive.

Extensive competition is why most eLearning organizations spend more than what’s needed on paid advertising to grow enrollments. So not only do you end up overspending, you lose easy opportunities to generate leads every day.

We eliminate wasted ad spend, allowing you to grow your enrollments while lowering your acquisition costs. In fact, our average client doubles enrollments, while lowering cost per acquisition by at least 30%.

This is done through our proven 6-Step Education SEM Connector™ System and Education Audience Playbook. These refined methodologies were built exclusively for online learning organizations. They allow you to reach potential students at just the right time, using multiple touchpoints, resulting in more leads and higher enrollments without increased costs.

Grow Enrollments office group session photo
On average Grow Enrollments clients double their enrollments and lower cost per acquisition by at least 30%.

Social Mission

We’re big believers in using our skills to bring positive change to the world. As such, 10% of our monthly profits go toward sponsoring education for underprivileged children.

Who we are

Online learning’s new standard for paid advertising results.

What makes Grow Enrollments unique is the range of skill sets we bring together to achieve a common goal. Each person within the company operates at an elite level. By combining these talents, we’ve elevated the industry’s standards for delivering results via paid advertising.

You see, for far too long, online learning organizations have accepted subpar performance. As a result, they miss out on leads and overpay for enrollments. So we developed a system that cuts unnecessary spending, allowing you to grow while lowering your acquisition costs.

We’re also big believers in using our skills to bring positive change to the world. As such, 10% of our monthly profits go toward sponsoring education for underprivileged children.

Meet our Leadership Team

As our partner, you have direct access to any of us anytime.

We are a group of creative, motivated and passionate people with a relentless drive for deploying strategies that create more leads and higher enrollments for less costs.
Benjamin Arabov, Grow Enrollments CEO

Benjamin Arabov


Benjamin is a true digital marketing enthusiast who often makes bold predictions for the future of his industry.

Before starting Grow Enrollments, Benjamin helped develop and implement digital strategies for world-renowned brands like Guardian Insurance, Dr. Axe, Boxed, & Bombas.

Now, as the CEO of Grow Enrollments, Benjamin combines his unique technical abilities with the central mission of higher education to help education organizations grow and enroll the right students.

You can find Benjamin at his desk with 6 screens or chatting with elite education marketers on his podcast (he prefers the podcast).

Michal Dzieciolowski, Grow Enrollments Agency Lead

Michal Dzieciolowski

Agency Lead

Yes, that is a “D” followed by a “Z” in Mike’s last name; probably the weirdest 2-letter combination in the English language that doesn’t involve a Q.

Now, a more appropriate career path for Mike would have been a Pole dancer, meaning Polish dance, not the sexy kind. Unfortunately for the world at large, he went in the complete opposite direction and focused on computers, technology, science, and math. So, instead of spinning around poles with grace, Mike is better off calculating the heat friction created by rotating around said pole at a certain rate.

If I lost you towards the end of that last section, don’t blame yourself because Mike is probably the only person on Earth who finds that kind of technical talk amusing.

Mike now uses his knowledge of all things not-sexy to manipulate data and trends to create actionable plans for education Google Ads campaigns. He also provides a wide range of expertise to ensure the team around him has all the tools & knowledge they need to succeed.

Preston Kwok, Grow Enrollments Director of Business Development

Preston Kwok

Director of Business Development

Preston Kwok, aka PK, (pronunciation is much easier than it looks) is living in beautiful Salt Lake City Utah, where he currently can’t buy his favorite food because it’s a Sunday….

When he isn’t busy cooking up the next big idea, he’s either enjoying quality time with his amazing wife and son, working on his cars (fast and furious style), optimizing his game on the golf course, or cooking up the best Japanese food you can find in the state of Utah.

With over 10 years of full funnel digital marketing experience, helping businesses grow their online revenues, and 32 years of keeping it real.

By day, he helps enroll more qualified students for less dollars through paid media, by night, he helps keep his 3 year old son alive. Not all hero’s wear capes.

Jared Prazen, Grow Enrollments Sr. Account Manager

Jared Prazen

Sr. Account Manager

A guy with many interests, Jared Prazen currently lives with his wife, daughter, and son at the foot of the beautiful mountains of Northern Utah.Don’t let the straight-laced look fool you. At a moment’s notice, he’ll let his hair down (well, figuratively speaking anyway), and bust out some Bon Jovi on karaoke night.When he’s not putting his 10+ years of paid search experience to work for his clients, you might find Jared at the gym, out riding the trails on his mountain bike, hosting friends and family for a scratch-made Mediterranean meal, or noodling (somewhat badly) on his guitar.
Marc Berolo, Grow Enrollments Sr. Account Manager

Marc Berolo AKA “The Prince”

Sr. Account Manager

According to Urban Dictionary, “Marc with a c is a name given only to the best. Marcs don’t come along often and when they do, hold onto them.”

Marc lives on Staten Island. Yes, he takes a FREE ferry home every night. On weekends, you can find Marc on the field…well, the paintball field. Believe it or not, there is such thing as a professional paintball player, and yes, Marc is one of them. He now travels the country and competes for fame, riches, and glory. For some reason, the riches haven’t come yet, but he’s working on it.

Marc knows his life sounds super exciting. But everyone must have something that keeps them level headed so they can fit through office doors. That’s where Marc’s career as a Senior Account Manager comes into play.

Marc’s competitive background explains why he only settles for the highest quality of enrollment performance and is always teaching himself the next skill to stay ahead of the game. Digital marketing is just like paintball: if you blink, your competitor could take you out.

Mia Percela, Grow Enrollments Sr. Account Manager

Mia Percela

Sr. Account Manager

This bubbly PPC lover grew up in Croatia (That place where the King’s Landing is).
For a European, there is nothing quite like sitting down in a cafe and just watching the world go by.

Mia loves a proper #cupofgetstuffdone, and she’s talking about real coffee, not a chai tea latte, extra hot with unicorn tears, a touch of vanilla syrup and 3 pink sprinkles.

When Mia is not obsessively talking about coffee, you can find her breaking enrollment records while maximizing ROI for her education clients.

Mia feels truly blessed by PPC Gods to be part of the Grow Enrollments gang. Our family is just like any account that needs water to grow (unless you are using AI, AI knows what you need better than you, facts).

Valentin Kurdov, Grow Enrollments Sr. Account Manager

Valentin Kurdov

Sr. Account Manager

You’ll usually find Valentin devising his plans of overthrowing Google from their throne as AI overlords. When he is not thinking about the robots spying on him in the shower, he’s actually pretty good at PPC.

But not just any kind of PPC – 100% organic, grass fed, free-range, GMO-free PPC!

Valentin is a specialist in innovating paid search account structures and is especially interested in the back-end of things; taking a look under the hood if you will.

His knowledge of the education space can theoretically qualify him for being a dean at an Ivy League school and his lead to application conversion rates are on point!

Kia Lim, Grow Enrollments Operations Manager

Kia Lim

Operations Manager

Kia grew up in a very Asian household. His mother would not stop nagging at him if he threw out the plastic bags that came with groceries (they need to be kept under the sink!). His father would regularly put down his morning paper just to give him the stare and ask, “Why you no doctor yet?!” He’d even get yelled at for getting an A- in 5th grade Nuclear Thermodynamics (just kidding, it was Astrophysics actually). This joyous upbringing helped Kia grow into a monstrously-organized machine. He is now a nature-loving, plastic bag-hoarding clean freak (yes, he has his own plastic bag storage under the sink).

Pursuing Project Management was a natural career choice. Kia achieved his certification in the UK and now works to make sure his teams function like clockwork through lean processes. Using Agile as a fundamental tool for all his approaches, Kia is determined to help Grow Enrollments thrive in a dynamic environment and stay ready to scale at any time. Right now, Kia is still working to become a doctor… just not the doctor his father wanted him to be. He’s preparing to get his MBA and eventually move on to a PhD in Business. Sorry Dad…

Louie Lorenzo, Grow Enrollments Director of Reporting

Louie Lorenzo

Director of Reporting

Notice how everyone on the team has a witty and clever description? Sorry to disappoint here but only Louie’s kids genuinely laugh at his humor (not even his wife).

A car enthusiast since forever, Louie is obsessed with DIY car detailing. When he’s not taking a therapeutic solo drive, he’s making his ride showroom-level fresh, inside and out.

As the head of reporting, Louie always has his foot on the gas pedal, providing everyone with vital reports that ensure better PPC decisions.

And like any dad with a big heart, Louie treats the company as family and would gladly go to the end of the Earth to help them succeed.

Sean Levinson, Grow Enrollments Head of Content Development

Sean Levinson

Head of Content Development

Growing up, Sean Levinson was just another small town kid with big dreams. Unfortunately, you can’t become a full-fledged knight if the Royal Family doesn’t know you exist. And it’s apparently really hard for amateur sword swallowers to get more work after just one botched stunt at a public event. Sean had no choice but to face the music and finally put his nine years of writing experience to good use.Now, he wakes up every day to face the challenge of creating the perfect piece of copy / content for our education clients. One of Sean’s biggest obstacles is how sensitive and regulated the industry is. You can almost compare the sensitivity to the level of fragility involved in sword swallowing. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same.

How often do you ask yourself these types of questions?

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