Top 4 Benefits of PPC Marketing for e-Learning Businesses

Table of Contents

Explosive Reach

There are at least 2 trillion searches per year on Google, with 3.8 million searches happening every minute. Search engines like Google put the ability in your hand to get your e-Learning business in the eyes of these searchers. All e-Learning institutions or businesses have access to Google Ads, which serves on Google’s search, shopping, and display networks. Along with search partners like YouTube, Amazon, and more. Around 75% of people say paid-search ads make it easier to find the information they are looking for on a website or search engine. Data also shows that 63% of people have clicked on a paid Google ad. Now, if you take 63% of the overall searches per year, it is astounding how much traffic is going to these paid ads!

Easy to Implement

It is very easy for any marketing professional to implement a PPC marketing campaign on Google’s platform. There are a ton of tutorial videos on creating search, shopping, and display campaigns available to the public. Google also holds seminars and workshops to learn in-depth about each platform they offer. This learning material can then be used to get you certified by Google in your respected field. For example, you can be Google Search certified after passing their internal exam. The great thing about PPC marketing campaigns is that you can participate with any budget. There are no minimum spend numbers and no additional fees charged by Google to use their platform.


Google has made major advancements in automation when it comes to their marketing platforms. Google has introduced and perfected their AI technology that is used in their marketing campaigns to make the process easy and successful for the end marketer. Bidding technology allows you to automate the bidding process and leaves all the tinkering of bids and max CPC. to the AI. The combination of automated bidding and audience lists allows Google to know how much they should bid and to make sure it’s towards the right user for your product. You no longer need to waste marketing dollars on serving ads to the wrong audiences.

Better ROI

Return on Investment is one of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign. All marketers hope for a positive return, but with other campaigns like TV, radio, and print, it is sometimes very hard to gauge performance and ROI. PPC marketing provides clear metrics and allows you to easily pinpoint performance and ROI within the platform. In addition to the clear visibility, PPC marketing has proven to have a better ROI as it leverages smart bidding technology to achieve measurable goals you plug into the AI.

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