Episode 000

Welcome To The Grow Enrollments Podcast!

Hello everyone and welcome to episode number 0 of the grow enrollments podcast show, this is your host Benjamin Arabov.

The mission of our podcast is to provide actionable insights for education marketers looking to grow their enrollments. Whether you work for a university, trade school or e-learning platform, there is something for everyone to learn!

We interview the most innovative and experienced marketers in the education space, such as CMOs, marketing directors, university presidents and academic entrepreneurs to discuss topics like:

  • Education Marketing strategies
  • Data utilization
  • The Future of Education
  • Trade VS Traditional
  • Automation
  • Disrupting education
  • Enrollment funnel optimization

… and many more topics related to the ever-evolving education industry.

Additionally, we expose some of the leading EdTech and education B2B service providers that are designed to grow your organization even further.

By creating a community that brings meaningful knowledge to education marketers, we can together help enroll more students and ultimately change more lives through the power of education. I hope you enjoy my podcast!

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