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Based on our experience, most education-based AdWords accounts spend 50-80% of their marketing dollars on strategies / keywords that are generating no leads or enrollments.

My goal is to show you how to see what that percentage would be for your account.

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below on how to determine the extent of your account’s wasteful spending.

Step 1

Sign in to your AdWords account.

Step 2

Pick a 3-6 month time period (the video is based on a 4-month date range). If you’re spending $100,000 or more per month, a 3-month time period is fine. You can find the date range on the top right corner of your AdWords screen.

Step 3

Select “Search campaigns” –It’s important to do this because we are only going to be analyzing keywords, as opposed to ads, targets for display, etc.

Step 4

Ensure that all campaigns, ad groups and keywords are being reviewed.

1st – Campaigns

2nd – Ad Groups

3rd – keywords

This will allow us to see everything that was live during the selected time frame.

Step 5

Now, staying on the keywords tab, click on “search terms.” Search terms are the ACTUAL queries your account shows up for. The keywords in the account allow Google to find people who are searching relevant terms and present your ads to them. Many accounts do not optimize on a query level, only a keyword level. Reviewing the performance on a query level gives you complete transparency into exactly what is happening within your campaigns.

Step 6

Before we determine much spend your account is wasting, it’s important to know which columns to select. Jump into “columns” and select the following columns.

Clicks, impressions, CTR, Avg CPC, Avg Pos, Cost, Conversions, Cost / conv, conv rate.

Most accounts use “conversions” as their main metrics for leads. “Conversions” could refer to a form field, a chat or a phone call. Each account is unique, so before completing this step, please confirm that “conversions” includes all of your leads.

Step 7

Add a filter.

Step 8

Type “conv” into the filter and select “conversions.”

Step 9

Put .0001 as the filter for conversions. This means you’re telling the system to show you all spend that has zero leads or sales. After inputting .0001, click “apply.”

Step 10

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see how much money is in the “Total: Filtered search terms” column. For this account, $513,065 out of $756,033, or 68% of spend, was spent on queries / keywords that did not generate a single lead.

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